About Rob Lohman

As the Visionary for The Addiction Recovery Hub, I also have an M.B.A. in International Management, twenty-eight (28) years of Sales / Marketing experience within a variety of industries (ie: Commercial Real Estate, Property and Casualty Insurance Agency Owner, Higher Education and programming) and sixteen (16) years of sobriety from alcohol / drugs.   I am also the Founder of Lifted From The Rut and Beyond the Bars Radio podcast, and The Rock Transformational House.  Through The Addictions Academy, I have certifications in Interventions, Recovery Coaching, Christian Recovery Coaching, Family and Christian Family Coaching, Food and Gambling Addictions.  

Lifted From The Rut began on January 1, 2016 to provide Intervention and Addiction Recovery Coaching services.   Within the first eighteen (18) months, I developed a highly respected reputation in the professional addiction / recovery industry and a plethora of professional resources for the clients he serves.  Noticing a need to educate the community in a unique way, I developed the Navigating the World of Addiction events where we bring the community and addiction professionals together to discuss addiction issues and recovery resources to help families get their loved one’s help who suffer from addiction and mental health issues.

During the first eighteen (18) months of building a successful Intervention and Coaching Business, I discovered a need in the industry for a unique Men’s Transformational Home to be built on the foundation of Faith towards discovering their purpose and calling in life, which is currently in the fundraising and development stages.

The Rock Transformational House will provide a more intimate setting with minimal outside distractions where men can come to focus on developing and deepening their Faith to set them up for future success in recovery and to help others do the same.

I am committed to helping individuals and families move from addition to recovery to transformation.  Please contact me so I can understand your needs and determine how I can help!


Rob Lohman