** New Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast : How Do You Prepare To Go To Prison? Hear from Dan Wise, Federal Prison Consultant **

Dan Wise – Federal Prison Consultant

Dan Wise founded RDAP Dan | Federal Prison Time Consulting, LLC in 2015, after successfully navigating the Federal Prison system, culminating in his early release. Dan wanted to help other people facing federal prison time to have the same success in learning from the experience and achieving federal prison sentence reduction. He began by creating YouTube videos, and his business grew from there.

Dan Wise and Jenny Good created a proprietary Success Method™, combining the strengths of an experienced Prison Consultant and a talented Coach to guide clients through a process focused on increasing clients’ chances for sentence reduction.

Dan’s vision included special support for the families of those facing federal incarceration, an often underserved segment in other prison consultancy models. If your family is experiencing difficulties as a result of your legal situation, we can help.

Dan tells it like it is. We understand that the unknown and waiting in limbo can be the most difficult parts of this process. As a client, his straight-forward approach lets you know exactly what to expect as a federal defendant.

When not working with federal prison consulting clients, you might find Dan playing poker with friends or relaxing with his pets.

To learn more about Dan and the work he does, visit https://www.federalprisontime.com/

To learn more about Rob Lohman, visit www.TheAddictionRecoveryHub.com


Rob Lohman

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