** New Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast : Gripped In An Old Story That Ain’t You : Jesse Wilson : CEO of Tell The Winning Story **

** New Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast : Gripped In An Old Story That Ain’t You : Jesse Wilson : CEO of Tell The Winning Story **

Jesse Wilson, CEO

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Jesse Wilson is the CEO and Founder of Tell The Winning Story, a communications effectiveness program that helps people step into their true communications power through the raw power of the theater.

In his own words…
“Weeks before I left for New York City to study acting professionally at Juilliard, a great friend from high school made the choice to take his own life. I spent years trying to come up with a reason for why he did it, and out of all the theories, I believe that he chose to take his own life because of a belief system he had allowed to mold into what he thought was his true identity. This experience helped me form the basis of my work with Tell The Winning Story and to discover “my role” in this world beyond the stage.

I know that what I now consider success as a teacher and artist is 100 percent based on helping people awaken to the reality of who they are at their core, once the mask is removed. This is what I call Living The Greater Story. For me, helping people achieve this state is the greatest high in the world.

After graduating from Juilliard, it became my personal mission to share the invaluable and universally impactful lessons from the stage in order for people to reach their maximum potential in both their career and personal lives. As a communications specialist, I work with many different groups of people, but I consider all the work I share as one lesson: how to use the obstacles in our lives to live a greater story.”

Integrating the best of cutting edge self-empowerment programs, business presentation skills, transformational leadership and healing arts principals, plus over 20 years of working in the theater, Tell The Winning Story is a success tool for Lawyers, Leaders, Veterans, Athletes, Artists, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and all who defy titles looking to give their peak performance in every area of their lives.

Jesse has applied these communication skills in prisons, courtrooms and boardrooms, and has studied how stories can affect audiences in extremely powerful ways when the presenter is tuned into their greatest source of power and living their own greater story.


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